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VDA YouTube channel launched

The new VDA YouTube channel features interdisciplinary research talks on novel (qualitative and quantitative) ways to use video data in the social sciences. It includes talks by sociologists, education researchers, computer scientists, psychologists, criminologists and others. We will keep adding new videos and talks in the future, so keep checking in!

Video Surveillance Footage Shows How Rare Violence Really Is (Oxford University Press’s Academic Insights for the Thinking World, OUPblog).

Today videos from closed-circuit television, body cameras, police dash cameras, or mobile phones are increasingly used to capture violent events. Yet, examining footage of violent situations – from the very cameras set up because we believe that violence lurks around every corner – shows how rare violence really is. Continue reading.

Header image copyright: “50th Munich Security Conference 2014“, by Marc Müller, licensed under CC BY 3.0 DE.