We recently learned about a relatively new journal, Social Interaction. Video-based Studies of Human Sociality. We have not yet published with this journal, but it may be a potential destination for publishing some types of VDA research. The journal also looks like a great resource for insights into video-based research. For instance, in a recent issue (Vol 2, No 1), you can find several articles discussing issues of video transcription. Here’s their mission statement:

Social Interaction. Video-Based Studies of Human Sociality is dedicated to studying action and sense-making practices in social interaction. It focuses typically on workplace settings and their constitutive features as made visible through participants’ conduct and the social organization of the setting. The journal welcomes scholarly papers that provide new insights through state of the art research of naturally occurring human action as situated in the material world. Papers will typically analyze how participants draw on bodily, tangible, vocal, verbal and other resources to make sense and accomplish orderly courses of social interaction.

Social Interaction is an online journal that publishes four annual issues of flexible size. The journal publishes methodological and conceptual contributions, but especially encourages papers that are based on analysis of naturally occurring video recorded data. The journal welcomes analyses of longer single cases, or from collections of phenomena. It is possible to embed video extracts as an integral part of the papers.”