This website aims to bring together scholars and practitioners from a broad range of disciplines across the social and behavioral sciences and beyond, who share a common interest in using visual data to study dynamics of social life and human behavior. It also aims to provide information to others interested in the use of newly available video data for understanding social life and situational dynamics.

The website collects applied research using video data to analyze social life and human behavior, advancements in methodological approaches, as well as opportunities for teaching and learning about Video Data Analysis.

We are researchers who examine video data for scientific analyses. We write and teach about opportunities and challenges when using such data for academic research in disciplines such as sociology, psychology, criminology, education, and others. . We work with video data from mobile phones, CCTV, or police body cameras and video data uploaded online. We closely follow technological advancements in hardware and software that will prove useful for video data analysis – such as web scraping, automated video coding, or video authentication. We give workshops and talks on Video Data Analysis, the use of online video data, research employing police body camera footage, research ethics when using online video data, and related subjects.


Unsplash by Jason Blackeye is licensed by CC 1.0